- nur fur deutschprachige Lander


Combination of paid emails and PTC. You get daily a few mails per 100 points (0.001 Euro). Above that, on the website you can click on the ads.
Under Verdienen (make) you can click on the links in the sections Paidbanner klicken and Paidlinks klicken
. For most of the clicks you get  10 points (0.0001 Euro). But beware. Sometimes there appear minus links,  after clicking you will lose 200 points.
Beware the Zeche game. Users bet from 100-2400 points from their account. There are always 10 users in the competition, 9 of them will win 100% of their deposit, the tenth pays them all. That means, you are losing ten times  the amount of the deposit.

Cashout to PayPal or bank account in Germany is 2.50 Euro.


Na stránky se dostanete kliknutím na níže zobrazený banner

The page you can view by clicking on the banner shown below

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